Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can we implement ComplyLine?

In less than 5 minutes, it’s possible to complete the checkout, configure your account, and be ready to broadcast notice to your employees.

How does ComplyLine preserve anonymity?

ComplyLine acts as an intermediary between an organization and its employees. By using cutting edge transcription technology, the reporter is freed from the concern that their voice could be recognized on a voicemail or by a caller ID. And filing a report on the ComplyLine web portal, we eliminate the possibility of tracing an employee’s email.

Our organization is large, and we need to be able to manage the regions independently, yet still have all data report up to a centralized administration. Can ComplyLine accommodate this?

Yes! The application allows the configuration of multiple sites (locations) and configurable site access by user. At the highest level, account administrators oversee all sites, users, site access, and can see all events within the organization.

How can individuals report concerns?

Currently, anonymous reports can be submitted via an online form or by phone.

We have an in-house process with very low utilization rates. Why do I need ComplyLine?

It’s not uncommon for in-house systems to have low utilization rates, however, it’s due to a fundamental lack of protections for the reporters. Voicemail boxes leave potentially traceable audio or caller ID, lockboxes are often in public areas where submissions can be observed by other employees, and emails are often individually identifiable and potentially traceable. Employees fear retaliation because they don’t trust in-house processes. Anonymity is a critical element in effective anonymous reporting. ComplyLine services remove the risk of retaliation and delivers a 100% reliable, anonymous reporting solution.

Your prices are significantly less than other hotline service providers. How is this possible?

We have an entire page dedicated to this. You can uncover the principles behind our pricing on our Why So Affordable? page.

Regarding pricing, what constitutes an “employee”?

Any person who could file a report, so any full-time, part-time, volunteer, etc. would be included in this count.

We have unusually high utilization rates, will this be a problem?

No, but you could fall into our reasonable use policy which could require additional fees. If you have concerns about this, please contact us at

Our organization is international. Do you offer multiple languages?

Not yet – but stay tuned. We currently only support English, but we do intend to add international translations in the near future!

How can our organization get more information about your services?

Drop us a line via the Contact Us page and we’ll get in touch ASAP!

We often need to communicate with the reporter to obtain more information for the investigation. Does ComplyLine offer a way to do this?

Yes! When an event is phoned in, the reporter can opt in to communicate via text message. When a reporter creates an event using the web portal, they can opt in to communicate via text message or email. Examples can be seen below:

I'd like to leave a message to hear the automated attendant. Is this possible?

Sure! If you’ll click here and submit the form, we’ll email you the information needed to test the hotline.

Can we keep our current phone number?

Yes, if the number can be forwarded, it can be maintained.