Why So Affordable?

ComplyLine seems too good to be true…how can the pricing be so much lower than the competition?

Yeah, we get this a lot. This question requires an exhaustive response because understanding our culture and our process is required for the answer to make sense.

Our History

Ethics Unlimited, LLC (EU) was founded in 2013 as an organization committed to reducing the costs of compliance & ethics services. Our founder, a former compliance officer, was shocked at the price of exclusion monitoring software, so he set out to change that, and Verify Comply was born. Verify Comply, the first EU venture, is trusted by thousands of organizations and has seen constant growth since the day it all began in 2013. ComplyLine is EUs second venture, with development starting in early 2022. Just like Verify Comply, our goal for ComplyLine is to reduce the cost of hotline/whistleblower services.

Our Values

Verify Comply has never – not once – raised prices. What might be even more surprising, is we’ve managed to do this while maintaining a nearly zero employee turnover rate. We do this by treating our employees like we’d want to be treated – well paid with annual increases, 100% employer sponsored health insurance, a 4% 401k match, quarterly bonuses, and with leadership working alongside staff – not above them.

Our Ownership

Verify Comply/ComplyLine is 100% privately owned by the founder. There are no investors, and there is no debt. Without obligations to other shareholders and no debt to repay, we’re able to treat our employees & customers right, and operate with more financial flexibility than an organization backed by debt or venture capital.

Pricing Transparency

Most hotline vendors utilize staffed call centers to answer inbound calls. Human agents use a script, and transcribe the results into a report. We do exactly the same thing, except we’ve eliminated live agents by leveraging cutting-edge Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and transcription technologies. While we still review & approve every call’s audio to ensure transcription accuracy, it’s far more efficient & cost effective than having a live operator. As a result, our costs are MUCH lower than the competition, all while offering features they don’t.

In summary, it’s our technology that enables the ability to have low rates, and it’s our culture & ethics background that guides our decisions. We choose to offer unusually economical services, frankly, because we can. 😊