How it Works

Once Sign Up and Set Up are complete, you’re ready to begin using ComplyLine.

How Events Are Created

An event can be created in one of three ways: anonymously by phone, anonymously through the ComplyLine web portal, or internally by a ComplyLine User. When an event is created by an anonymous source, it flows to a ComplyLine operator work queue. Here, we’ll eliminate spam, ensure the accuracy of the call transcription, and then approve the event. Once approved, all Users with site access are notified by email that a new event has been created.

An event can also be created manually by you, the ComplyLine user. This is useful when a tip is received through another channel, such as a lockbox, and you wish to track all anonymous reports within ComplyLine.

Managing Events

All open events are located in the Events menu. When an event is viewed, you can:

  • Set Reminders
  • Review the Event Details
  • Review the event’s Change History
  • Attach & View related information
  • Add & Remove Tags

Under the Manage Event dropdown, you can:

  • Assign the event to a user
  • Add Internal Notes that are not visible to the reporter
  • Respond to the Reporter

The “Respond To Reporter” option is only available for events that were created anonymously and where the reporter has opted to receive communications by text, email, or both. If more information is needed from the reporter, this feature allows your organization to communicate anonymously with them. All communications and event updates are logged with the event history for a simple, clean audit trail.

The final step in managing an event is to close it. Once closed, events may be reopened under the Closed Events menu.

And that’s it! Anonymous reporting and intuitive event management at a price that can’t be beat – that’s ComplyLine.